24 March 2009

[Harwell Fun] Run

The last time I give blood they told me not to do anything strenuous after. At the time, I had run five miles from Paddington and had another mile or so to go to the office. I joked with them that running wasn't strenuous, but was given to believe that I was wrong. I now know just how wrong I was.

I hadn't allowed even 24 hours to elapse since giving blood yesterday (and spilling a whole lot more), but I wasn't going to miss the chance to take part in the weekly Harwell Fun Run. I set off to jog gently to the start, the distance of about 1 1/4 miles, and arrived with only about a minute to spare before my handicap dictated the I had to set off again. My legs already felt like lead, and it was clear that I wasn't going to be able to do much more than carry on at the speed and that I had adopted to get to the start in the first place.

The runner before me set off about 25 seconds earlier, and was soon out of sight. Fortunately it was a small field, so as well as a couple in front of me there were only about four behind me and they did not start coming past until about two and a half miles. Two caught me on the way into Chilton, one more by the Church and the last one just before the footbridge. I struggled in a distant last, but with the prospect of an excellent handicap next week.

Here's the detail ... and here are the results, which I am not boasting about! But actually, under 8 minutes/mile isn't so bad. The blood donor session was no doubt the biggest problem, but nearly 16 miles the day before at the end of ten days' enforced rest (and that injury!) makes it about the worst bit of preparation I have ever had.

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