27 February 2009

I put a spell on you

As near as possible a perfect day for a run. The sky was blue, it was warm but not too much (still, pretty warm for the end of February), dry, no wind, ... well, almomst no wind: a breeze did spring up from somewhere. being the last friday of the month, no prizes for guessing where I was headed.

First, though, I had to contend with indeterminate delays on Great Western. There was a problem with the track between Swindon and Didcot: a train was forced to back up past a set of points so it could switch to the other line (on which trains would then be running in both directions, not a great state of affairs even over a short distance) and then it could proceed to Didcot and points east. Two or more trains were stuck between the points it was making for and Swindon, and as the railway employee on the platform explained, the later trains would not be allowed to get ahead of the one that first encountered the problem. I suppose it would not do to shuffle the order in which the trains run.

So it was a slow train to Reading and then a fast one from there into Paddington - we arrived in Reading just in time to connect with one that was running from Oxford, and therefore immune to problems at Swindon. A couple of minutes past 12 at Paddington: could I make it to Hyde Park Corner in time for half past?

Well, I did. A brisk march (interspersed with jogs) through the park and I arrived in good time, and not in bad shape either. it was a good enough warm up. I lined up near the back of the A race - now, apparently, reclassified as under 22 minutes, so I was not a fraud - and chatted with Chris, who used to be the guy I always tried to beat until this year he hit the form of his life and left me standing. Sure enough he was away from me by the 1K mark, and at the turn he must have been a couple of hundred yeards in front. I had taken up with a guy called Simon who pushed me into very last place in the A race as he passed me by the lake, before the first tunnel, but kindly invited me to tag along (and I think wound back his pace by a notch or two).

Strangely, it felt very good, and actually the age-graded performance was reasonable (68.3 per cent: it's now a couple of years since I broke 70, which I didn't do often anyway) and a sub-22 time was good by my recent standards. So I should be pleased. I managed a decent attack on the hill behind the Lido, hoping to get rid of a guy I had caught but failed to shake off along the lakeside: he stuck with me up the hill, even though I almost edged him into a bush - for which I used some of my precious breath to apologise - but faded along the straight at the top, muttering something about 21 minutes not being on as the clock reached 17 and the 4K board was still pretty distant. It might have ended up with a sprint to the line between me and Simon, who came past me somewhere between there and the finish, but sprint wasn't in my repertoire at that stage so he was welcome to the place. I used to run only against the clock, not for position: now, it struck me (somewhere about 3.5K) I run not against the clock but against Time.

Chris ran a huge PB, 6 seconds off a time he set in 1991 I think he said: 20:12. Rach kindly observed that my reps were helping, but I had to admit to having done only one set: however, by the end of next month they might have made a difference. Time for at least a couple of sessions before then. Will that get me near Chris, I wonder? Given that my best is 20:40, in August 06, it might be a forlorn hope - but if Chris can PB 18 years on, why not?

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