11 February 2009

Blame it on Cain

Never trust a triathlete if you want sensible transport advice. Well, I stand corrected, because even though she rides a bike she doesn't like being called a triathlete. Sorry, Rach! But never trust a triathlete in personal transport matters is still a good line, and I'm going to keep it.
It was a lovely morning, though there's still some snow - now hard and compact, and very slippery where it hasn't been cleared. I started chatting to Rachael on Google, merely asking if she'd be at the Bridges race today. I wondered whether I could get there in time as I was at the mercy of the bus, and was not sure that the train it would get me to the station to catch would be early enough to get me to the start of the race. I foolishly mentioned the possibility of getting my bike out, which of course to a triathlete is not a matter requiring more than a fraction of a second's thought.
Well, it saved me the bus fare, and it was a great deal more pleasant and healthy than the bus. I met and exchanged greetings with about a dozen dog-walkers (I did not speak to the two who remained where they stood, face to face across the cycle path with a dog sitting between them, obliging me to take to the grass) and caught the train that I feared would be too late.
However, in the course of the ride a cunning plan had come to me, and I am now in Coach A with my bike in the guard's compartment ready to convey me to Westminster Bridge far more quickly than any alternative means of transport. Then I can ride it to the office - and leave it there, as I don't think I can turn up to the IBIL seminar this evening in my running kit and on my bike - although Sir Robin Jacob does ride is bike to such events, now I think about it. But I didn't bring my lights.

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rach_e said...

I can't believe I'm being referred to as a triathlete!! ;-) And a good idea to take your bike - I stupidly hadn't even thought of it for the Bridges Race. This may make it very viable :-)