07 January 2009

Ca plein pour moi

I couldn't get on-line this evening, even if I sat in the street outside
the Tourist Information Office - it looks as if they switch off the
wi-fi when they close. I must ask my new friend who is behind the desk
when I go in, the one who is trying to improve her English. I shall
need to get on-line in the morning to find how to say "wait your turn"
and "don't push in" in Russian. These are essential phrases in this
part of France.

Skiing is progressing well, although I have taken the lead in the
falling over stakes today with two incidents. One was on a very tricky
section of a blue run (the limit of my ability at present), from which I
was picked up (literally only of course) by two nice Russian ladies, the
other a short time later when Mel and I had strayed onto the luge run,
following the Russian ladies as it happens, and I was trying to ski
while watching behind me for luges. We found a way off that (Sarah was
horrified when I told her we'd skied on the luge piste as it is
strictement interdit) but I think that got us onto the last hundred
yards or so of a red, which was virtually cross-country. But i have
also skied successfully down the blue run from 1850 to 1550: not a great
achievement in the overall scheme of things, but it did my confidence a
lot of good and maybe I'll be going for bigger and better things later
in the week. After all, this is only about my tenth day's skiing in my

An elderly man in the lift this afternoon started speaking to me in
French, too fast for me to follow, but I think I caught the words "nous
anciens". I smiled politely. As bad as when my mother-in-law said
something about "people of our generation": she and I were the only ones
in the car at the time. It reinforces what Nancy said in an email about
me being the oldest beginner in town ...

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