02 December 2008

My Favourite Things

Positive Psychology sounds like a piece of New Age rubbish, but its academic and scientific credentials look fairly solid, so the notion that writing down three good things that happen to you each day is worth thinking about. Yesterday, the main difficulty would be keeping it to three.

First, one of the most pleasurable runs I have had in a long time. That's partly a function of the irregularity of my running just now, but it was a beautiful, clear, crisp day in London yesterday. I departed from Paddington wearing jacket, leggings, hat and gloves, and stopped outside Buckingham Palace to remove most of them (after passing a runner on Constitution Hill wearing a tee-shirt and shorts, which made me feel inadequate). Carrying a backpack didn't make for a fast pace, and the Forerunner didn't find a satellite very quickly so it lost the first mile or so, but at least most of the route is recorded here for posterity. I arrived at the office feeling good, but during the afternoon felt more like dozing than working, and this morning my legs were pretty stiff.

Second, the prospect of seeing an old friend in Frankfurt when I go there later this month. I dropped her an email to say I would be in town, aware that she wasn't exactly close to Frankfurt (the drive many years ago from the Ruhr to Frankfurt, and back, in her husband's S-Class Merc at a steady 120-140 mph, dodging the Trabbies which at the time were flooding across the recently-removed border, has stuck in my mind), but she can arrange things so she can meet me there.

Third, a satisfying afternoon of work. Nothing particularly exciting about it, but when I think back six months or so, the difference in the degree of satisfaction I derive from my work, and my motivation to do it, has changed beyond recognition.

I could go on. The three things don't have to be big, apparently, just good, and after a week or so you can look back and draw strength from it.

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