09 December 2008

Live at Olympia

Great news!  At the ITMA Christmas lunch, to which I was invited at an hour's notice by an old (meaning long-standing) friend, I learnt of a race that coincides nicely with INTA in Seattle next May: the Capital City Marathon.  As the name suggests, it's in Olympia, which I remember as a very attractive little city: it starts at 7 on the Sunday morning, so not too much time out from the conference: but by no stretch of the imagination is it a stroll in the park.  The elevation chart looks a bit daunting, and there is no getting away from the fact that it is 26 miles, 385 yards.  Ther's a half, too, and a five-miler, but I proved in April that when faced with the opportunity of continuing running when the end of the half comes along, I take the stupid option.

I rate that as two good things that happened today - the lunch, and the news of the race.  Can I also count the delightful company at lunch?  I think that might be cheating slightly, but I do feel confident that I reached three today - as i do each day, of course: it's only really a record-keeping exercise.

I have some serious training ahead of  me now.  A new friend whom I met today might also run this race, and was talking about other events to do in the early part of next year, so maybe I will join her.  And more immediately i have he Bridges tomorrow, and my entry for the Last Friday arrived in the post today.

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