17 October 2008

Perfect Day

A wonderfully mellow trip to Didcot this morning - an unusual concept, but it really was. Cycled there, went to the optician (follow-up to see how my contact lenses are doing), then a visit to a charity bookshop ("I'll put those on the counter for you" said the shop manager when he saw me with an armful of books, "if you want them". "They aren't priced" I said, and he told me that the hardbacks were a pound and the paperbacks 50p, so I ended up spending £6.50 and reached the capacity of my backpack: that includes first editions by Joanne Harris and Michael Ondatjee, and a David Lodge paperback, "Thinks", for Grace - who can tell me whether she has it already), then a haircut - no need to wait, like at a weekend (they don't do appointments, but what can you expect for £9.50?), followed by lunch in Didcot's leading Lebanese restaurant. Well, OK, I don't know of any other Lebanese restaurants in Didcot. Mixed mezzeh for £8.50, the menu said, but when I ordered he discounted it to £6.00, and the Lebanese coffee (which I think could just as well be called Turkish or Greek coffee) was fantastic, and only £1.50.

And to think what life was like as a commuter!

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