26 October 2008

From Here to Eternity

Blimey! I didn't realise until I went looking for confirmation of a half-remembered song title that The Only Ones were together again. I suppose any claim for misrepresentation in connection with their farewell gig (at the Lyceum in about 1980) will be statute barred by now.
Horrible weather this morning, as forecast, but having bumped in Louis a couple of days ago and arranged to run with him this morning, I was committed - that is precisely what is needed to get me out of bed and running. However, I failed to take account of the clocks changing, so was up and ready an hour early - checked the meeting place to see if he had made the same error, then went back at the agreed time and he was waiting for me. He had risen an hour early too, but had wisely stayed at home when he realised.
Last time I used my Forerunner was one early morning in London, and it had expired with a flat battery early in the run. Today, when I downloaded the data to my computer, they showed that my session had started nearly two weeks ago, had taken me from Bedford Place to Regent's Park and had then followed a straight line to South Oxfordshire before climbing to the Ridgeway and following my regular 7 mile/1 hour route.

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