12 October 2008

Five Miles High

Another glorious day for running, and a five-mile race near home at Hanney, so I went and paid my £7 and joined in with several clubmates and many others. No doubt because of my careful preparation (nearly 9 miles running yesterday afternoon, than a shortened night's sleep as I had to watch the Japanese Grand Prix) I covered the course in 38' 33": it was pleasing to see I was on target to get in under 40', in fact, and although I had no sprint left in me for the end I managed that pretty comfortably. Compression socks helped a lot - no tiredness in my lower legs, but plenty in my thighs and glutes - so that experiment seems to be a success. Here are the Garmin data, and here is a photo (those socks are not a good look) and another one here.

About 4 miles, the runner in front dropped a piece of paper, and when I saw that he was stopping to turn round to pick it up I stooped and snatched it up almost without breaking my stride and handed it to him. It was his running number. I passed him then, but he came steaming past again and had a much stronger finish than I could manage, but he thanked me very much in the funnel. That's the great thing about running: everyone is so friendly (with one exception that I encountered a couple of years ago, but that's another story and quite atypical).

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