10 September 2008

Indian Summer

My first run with my new Garmin Forerunner, and I lost the first mile or so while it told me it was still trying to find a satellite to lock onto.  Once I called its bluff and told it to start measuring something, it worked fine - 6.48 miles, 55 minutes 34 seconds, average 7mph, maximum 10.4 (though the graph shows me exceeding 12 mph right at the end, as I ensured that Andrew stayed behind me).  It even produced a map showing where I'd been (with a blank space at the start before I had started it going).

Also my first run with new shoes, so predictably it was muddy.  And after this miserable summer, the evenigs are already drawing in - so we finshed in near-darkness.  But at least it was warm, and dry, if not underfoot.

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