31 August 2008

Watching the river flow

Yesterday was not a good running day: I thought about running to the office from Pddington, but my backpack felt too heavy (aways a convenient fall-back), and when I tried to run the other way in the late afternoon I decided to take to the Tube at Temple, about 3 miles into the run. So my average slipped a little, although I got in the morning cycle ride. The evening ride, however, was thwarted by my finding the rear tyre flat at the station when I returned - let down, I think, because there was no sign of damage. I wheeledd it to the filling station and blew the tyre up, unfortunately literally: I have used the air pump - the one clearly marked "not for bicycles" - many times, and at higher pressures than I was trying to achieve yesterday, but a loud bang signalled the end of my attempt to cycle home.
No morning run today, either, but a nice evenig trot down to Rowstock Corner and back up the Winnaway to give me about six miles, in a little over 50 minutes. Not really flowing, and I stopped to recover after reaching the top of the Winnaway (where I had followed a runner who turned round at the top of the hill, evidently set on doing some long hill reps), but pretty steady for the fifth consecutive daily run and perhaps I'll manage more tomorrow. The best thing, though, is that I tipped the scales at about 11 stone when I got back home, which is about 10 pounds less than I was a couple of weeks ago and should translate to a 20-second-a-mile improvement, if I am to believe what I read in Runner's World.
I've also taken an important step towards making my training more effective, ordering a top-of-the-range Garmin Forerunner 405 having found a special offer in a rarely-used email account the other day. It was almost a personal email from Hugh Brasher, offering a free pair of shoes if I bought the Garmin this month, and of course this month has not long to go. But the device wasn't showing on www.sweatshop.co.uk, so I used (or perhaps misused) the privilege of having had a professional relationship with Hugh and sent him a personal email - which quickly resulted in a reply from their online manager inviting me to phone. When I did so, they were expecting me, which made me feel like a very valued customer (I will say only nice things about the Reading Half next year).
The exercise I have been taking has already given me a great feeling of well-being. If I improve the efficiency of the training, I should be able to look forward to feeling better still - and to some PBs!

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