29 August 2008


A moment that brought to mind Sir Thomas Beecham's famous assessment of Stockhausen's work ...
Cycling to the station this morning, down the leafy path in Didcot that is in many ways the nicest part of the journey (so I take it even though it adds perhaps a quarter of a mile), a lady walking her dog - a poodle - stopped to let me pass. Her dog sat obediently beside her.
"What impeccable behaviour!" I commented as I freewheeled by, and she thanked me - I hope she realised the compliment was aimed at the dog.
On the right-hand side of the pathway, lurking in the shade of the trees and hidden by a few fallen leaves, was evidence that another dog was less well-behaved – and its owner, too. I had not time to take evasive action once I spotted it, squelching through it and leaving a brown mark in the tread of the front tyre, which was unpleasant but not intolerable. But when I reached the station I found that the rear wheel had done what it would do with any other liquid it came into contact with – so I’ll be cleaning my bike at the weekend.

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