27 August 2008


In mitigation, it was late at night, I was exchanging emails with a lawyer in California and I was being conservative about how many miles I had run, but the title of yesterday's post should certainly have said eight and not five. In fact, it looks like about 6.1 on the map.

I followed that up this lunchtime with a standard Wednesday lunchtime outing: Cleopatra's Needle to meet up with some others, then the Bridges Race route (though part of it was closed off by the police, who were examining a suspicious car parked in a bad place) and back down the South Bank. I went on to the Millennium Bridge instead of crossing Blackfriars, to get me back to the office more easily as I had been running for an hour at that point, and it took me another twenty minutes to return from there at cool-down speed. Guy kept me to a reasonable speed (but thanked me for pulling him along!) for a recovery run, the first time I think I have ever consciously done a recovery run - it was needed after last evening, and I must be careful given that I have upped my mileage enormously and plan to keep up this six-miles-a-day average. I can only do that if I run gently, and gradually increase the speed.

Guy mentioned that he plans to ensure he runs 1000 miles this year. If I can keep up the average I should be able to manage more than that before the year end. Will I? Should I?

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