26 August 2008

Eight Miles High

My resolution to follow in Murakami's footsteps in my new year has got off to a good start. I went along to my club meeting this evenig, paid my long-overdue subscription and set off on the evening run with a bunch of people most of whom I have been running with for years. I ran most of the way with Simon, who claimed to be looking for a slow run this evening - which is what he always says, and has never in my experience meant before.

He kept me to a sensible pace for most of the way, but with about a mile to go we had got into a flow and I was able to chase down two runners from the club who were visible in the distance. Only after I caught them did I discover that one of them was Liz, with whom I had run the Reading Half in 2007 (see here). She was delighted to hear about Mel's exam results.

A great feeling at the end of the run, and if the rest of this year follows the model it will be a good one!

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