11 July 2008

Do you see the lights?

The worst thing that can possibly happen when you're running a training course is to turn on the radio to listen to the 6 o'clock news on BBC Radio 4 and to learn that a major official report on the very subject of your course is being published that very day. This morning, I heard that an official review had concluded that data protection laws needed a far-reaching overhaul and that public confidence in the law in this area was "evaporating". There's a story on the FT website about it here which I read hurriedly before setting off for the station to go to London to spend the day talking to an audience about the Data Protection Act.

I think I'll blog some more about this on IPso Jure, although it isn't IP law: I managed to get through the day without displaying my lack of knowledge of this development in the area of law in which I was professing expertise.

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