06 June 2008

Arthur the Gardener

Who would have thought how much work there is in blogging? It can't be that there is an exceptional amount in my life about which to write, but today I have to admit has been a little out of the ordinary. It started in Manchester, where I had travelled by train the preceding evening, arriving at my hotel at about half-ten after an interesting walk through the city centre from Piccadilly station. Incurring the extortionate broadband charge (and giving up on the weak wifi signal, using the wired connection instead) I dealt with some clauses in an agreement for Sally and Alex the went to bed. I started the next day with one of those breakfasts that one can only ever have when staying in an hotel, then walked to the Lowry Hotel (to posh to put the lecturers up in) for the morning seminar I had to give, "Software Licensing in Depth".
It went better than I had feared it would, indeed a great deal better, although the technology let me down at first: my computer would not speak to the LCD projector (which initially had not even been provided), or the replacement projector, until an early-arriving delegate suggested swapping the cable ... then it was back to the station, train to London, arriving at the office after checking in to another hotel, and heading off to Arthur's book launch party with Gemma.
I had been careful when accepting the invitation for both of us, as assumptions would reasonably be made about a couple with the same surname, and took the trouble to give our names to the heavily-built man at the door who was the keeper of the list as Peter Groves and Gemma Groves. The invitation said 6.30 till late, and it was pretty late by the time I found my way back to my hotel. Gemma had left a little earlier, and much beer and wine had been consumed in the meantime, enough that I should the find myself talking about Stackridge to a stranger who had never heard of them before.

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