07 May 2008

Seven deadly virtues

A glorious early summer day, warm even at 0645 as I left home. I made it to the station without colliding with any other cyclists this morning, and all the regulars were there on the platform.
I talked myself into running from Paddington to the office, and along the Mall I passed a guy in running gear who was walking, but he joined in with me and explained that he was part-way through a seven-mile run (from Gloucester Road to Elephant & Castle), having run seven miles yesterday evening too. I was impressed, especially when he said he'd drunk seven pints of beer yesterday evening too. When he also mentioned that he's had breakfast with a friend on the way this morning, I was tempted to ask whether he'd had seven sausages, seven fried eggs etc.
Planning to run back to Paddington in the evening, I had no intention of running at lunchtime until an email arrived from Liz. She's coming back from an injury that made her miss the London Marathon, and I think it dates from her run in the Bury 20 when she met Rachael. Her physio had, she told me, suggested a little gentle running so she proposed 4 or 5 miles, not very fast: but her not very fast is (as I should have remembered) enough to have me gasping for breath pretty quickly. We met at Queen Anne's Gate and headed up past Buck House, across Hyde Park Corner and out to the bridge over the Serpentine, then back down the north side of the lake - a pretty standard route, but not one that I had planned for, and the temperature was not conducive to exercise, let alone unplanned exercise.

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