09 May 2008

My only friend the rain

I had one of those dreams last night in which I was taking part in a Marathon. They come to me every few months, perhaps once a year or so. I always get side-tracked, going off to do some shopping or heping someone with an irrelevant task. Last night I thought I had completed the race, but became anxious about not having been given a goody bag, which made me think perhaps I had missed the finish. It all seemed to be taking place in an industrial landscape - perhaps a reference to the sort of place you run through on the Reading Half.

I woke up at about 5.40 this morning, and dozed until my alarm went off ten minutes later. My mind always seems to be racing at this stage in the morning, but I also have difficulty regaining full consciousness. It was darker this morning than it has been for a few days, but the dawn chorus was at full volume and the window was open. Outside the ground was spotted with rain, and it rained lightly but steadily on me all the way to the station - although as I struggled to the crest of Hagbourne Hill I was delighted to see the sky was bright over towards High Wycombe. It didn't spread to Didcot before I reached the station, though. The Met Office predicts this will be the hottest May we have ever had: even in the rain, and before seven in the morning, it's warm, and later in the day will probably turn running into mobile sunbathing.

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