06 May 2008

Last week I cycled to the station every day except the Monday, which was the day after the Shakespeare Marathon. The exercise helped my legs recover quickly, but the rain - rarely heavy but falling during most of my rides - made it a less than brilliant experience. Today though, returning to work after a bank holiday weekend, the sun is up and warming the earth, and I feel able to wear running shorts and tee shirt and leave my running "longs" at home (which is as well, because they are still drying after being washed at the weekend).
however, I managed to lose about 20 minutes between my alarm clock sounding and leaving home. The alarm needs to be a few mintes earlier, I need to rise as soon as it tells me to, and I should make sandwiches the previous evening. As it is, the railway operator kindly holds the 0720 for me, and a hundred or so others - they say it's a power failure to the signals, but of course they can't admit to their act of generosity.
In my hurry to get to the station, I took the turn into the unsurfaced track that leads to the cycle route (sometime railway line) at Upton rather wide, and for the only time I can recall there was a cyclist coming the other way. In fact, being 20 minutes later meant that I was into rush hour, whereas normally I see no other cyclists, just a few dog-walkers (and one morning Rob, working from home for the day, out jogging with his dog). I took what evasive action I could, but front wheels gently came into contact, and we each apologised to the other. Then the young lady whose journey to work I had interrupted observed that I was a runner, appending the word "too", so we had a brief chat about the Thame 10K (the tee shirt I was wearing, dated 1996), the Abingdon Marathon, which she has entered this year, and the Shakespeare. Then with further apologies all round we went on our respective ways.

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