12 May 2008

Hanging on the telephone

After a weekend of digging, mowing and lecturing - a five hour revision seminar - I have great difficulty getting out of bed this morning, and accept a lift to the station rather than struggle with my bike. It means I catch the 0700, running a few minutes late, but it's pretty full at Didcot and completely full after Reading - including the man in the seat next to me, who breathes noisily though his nose the whole way, and another man opposite who looks around seemingly angry when a phone rings, but on the second occasion apologises, reaches up to the rack for his bag and silences it. Perhaps he was merely trying to divert blame the first time. The benefit of a distinctive ring tone is that there will never be any doubt if it is my phone causing the disturbance, but if I have it set to "outdoor" the disturbance will be considerable.

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