21 April 2008

Back on the road again

I have finally managed to get out and run today - a couple of weeks or more since my knee reacted against skiing. In the meantime, the weather turned cold and wet - and I know it should not have deterred me, but it doesn't help. But today we seem to have had a change in the weather, and tomorrow promises to be sunny: this afternoon, after a grey and miserable morning, was reasonably OK though not what we have come to expect for April.

The run was not long, as its extent and pace were dictated by Boston, who needed to examine every smell he encountered. He is getting old and stiff, too, and his marathon running days are far behind him.

Mine, I hope, are still in front of me. On Sunday, I should be OK if I set out and run ten minute miles: not ambitious, but it's a get-you-round strategy that has worked for me before. And if I can't make the second lap, I can always head for the half-marathon finish.

A few days away from the office has tranformed my mental and emotional state, but I think there is still a long way to go before I feel that I have put whatever it is behind me. Running a Marathon, and getting back to writing my book afterwards, perhaps, will be a big help. And this afternoon I used a tried and tested therapy: I put new handles on a spade and a garden fork. What I mean is, I picked a small job with a clearly defined and visible conclusion. It just happened to be repairing garden implements. Anyway, it's not such a small job, as the rivets are difficult to drill out and then the broken stub of the old handle is hard to remove from the head. But that's merely making excuses, though in any case it felt good.

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