06 February 2008

A la recherche du temps perdu

I think it's fair to call this lunchtime's effort a tempo run. Robbie and Huw joined in, and Hannah came as far as Hyde Park Corner: the three of us took the Serpentine Bridge route. The weather was perfect if a little breezy, a bright, sunny, spring day, and after a gentle start to warm me up we kept up a cracking pace along the south side of the Serpentine. Huw and I dropped Robbie, closed up again along the north side after crossing the bridge until we reached Buckingham Palace, then Robbie hauled me back round the end of St James's Park much faster than I'd have gone by myself. A very satisfying session, though not as fast as it felt. A timekeeping error at Hyde Park Corner (I paused my watch but failed to restart it properly) meant that the time was a rough estimate, about 41 minutes but with waiting time to subtract from that.
Tom was out at the same time running intervals along the north side of St James's Park, very keen to get down below 19 minutes in the Last Friday. No point in my even thinking about that - though if I join him for his intervals I might get closer to breaking 20.
Rachael declined my invitation to join in on the grounds that she is tapering down to the Wokingham half on Sunday, by which she seems to mean she was making do with the ten miles she'd already run today supplemented by a gym session. I often wish I'd taken up running at a youger age - I missed so much enjoyment. But I was simply incapable of running when I was a child, because of my asthma. Would running have helped relieve it? I never applied myself enough to find out, and I think it's the introduction of salbutamol that has enabled me to get over the stage of not being able to exercise because of asthma and into the stage where the exercise controls it. A bigger help might have been if my parents hadn't smoked around me, but it's a bit late to speculate about that.

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