12 February 2008

I don't like Mondays

A classic Monday morning on the trains.  The telephone payment service for the car park was on the blink, and so were the ticket machines on site, so I had to wait for a human to take my payment.  When I am obliged to do it this way, it is generally a much more pleasant experience: the agents are friendly and helpful, although their script requires them to try to sell text message updates and other services I don't want.  Because of the delay in making the payment, the 0711 passed me as I walked to the station, but still had not departed when I reached the stairs up to the platform.  Two would-be passengers, clearly inexperienced in the workings of a railway station, stopped on the stairs to read the departure information, so I had to call out a brusque "excuse me!" to clear a way to the train.
The train manager was leaning out of one of the windows, the doors already being locked as I arrived.  I'd missed my chance.  "I much prefer the 7:20 anyway", I told him with a hint of sarcasm.  "Much nicer."  "It is today", he told me, "the heating's not working on this bloody train."
Apparently it took 20 or 30 minutes (depending on whose report you are going by) longer than it should have to reach London.  A lucky escape all round.
Nancy awarded me a rest day, but today I'm back to running although there is a distinct lack of strength in my legs.  I also started to feel very hungry along the Mall on the return leg.  Still, Huw and I managed to lap the two parks (about 5k) in about 22 minutes, catching Hannah on the way, and I should be OK for the Bridges tomorrow if I have time to get there. 

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