14 February 2008

Five minutes (and you're almost there)

The 0711 is early arriving at Didcot this morning, prompting a mad rush for Platform 4. I passed a lady whose stair speed was lower than mine, then crammed into the lobby of the train with her.
"Sorry to overtake like that", I said to her. I hadn't barged: in fact she had swung her bag out of my way: but it wasn't a very polite manoeuvre, though I would have compensated by holding the door to prevent it being locked against her had the need arisen.
"Oh, that's all right, I'm getting too old to run for trains" she said - she might have said "we", actually, but I'm going to let that go, although it might still have been correct: I'm not too old to run a Marathon (OK, that's going to be proven in April, I'll accept half-Marathon), but I am past the age for running for trains. Especially carrying all this marmalade!
"We'll stand here for five minutes now", she added, and - the train having pulled in early - she was quite right.

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