04 February 2008

Endorphin machine

A brisk - very brisk, in both senses of the word - run, alone, at lunchtime. A week having gone by without getting out for a run, I was pleased to be able to complete a 5K circuit at what I estimate to be a good pace. I stopped for a lot of stretches and still got back to the office in under half an hour. Then I did the "run-up", which took me 57.31 - seven seconds faster than the only other recorded time! I admit that I pulled on the handrail this time, instead of just using it to steady myself, but what the hell, I'm not cheating anyone. My legs almost stopped working by the eighth floor, and it took a couple of minutes to get my breath back, but it felt like a fantastic workout.

The International Trademarks Association meeting this year will have no sports - no 5K run is the important thing, though others will miss the golf or tennis. What to do? It almost destroys the entire rationale of going. I contacted Rudi, who is up for an informal run together, which he seemed to suggest might entail a bit of a race - not between me and him, I have to say, but perhaps Paul will give him a run for his money. Now I should look for likely venues in Berlin.

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rach_e said...

Can you find a race in Berlin whilst you're over there? I'm back to blogging again now BTW and hope to be at the Bridges Race next Wednesday :-)