27 January 2008

Sunday Morning: Watch out, the world's behind you

Not at all sure what the song means, but it is a lovely tune ...

The world was not behind me today: in fact, I seemed to be at the back most of the time - I joined a club run, scheduled to start from Ardington at 10, actually starting at 10.22: supposed to be 10 miles, turned out to be 13. A glorious day: hard to believe it is still January. Nice company, so essential to a good run, quite a challenging route - some hard climbs, most of which I attacked with gusto, but the last big one reduced me to walking.

I learnt that the Compton 20 and 40 is on this year. I must get my entry in if it fits my schedule. I'll be entering for the 20 though, while keeping open the option of carrying on from there if I can.

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