25 January 2008

Last Friday of January

21:39 according to my watch, which is a pretty good time by my standards (though I could have done without Chris passing me at about 3K and still being 4 seconds ahead of me at the line). That's 20 seconds faster than last month: the course was back to the normal one, so there wasn't that killer climb to the finish line, but there was a strong headwind for the first half of the race, and somehow it still seemed to be blowing in my face at some points on the second half of the lap.

I chose to run in my regular (red) running shoes rather than the magic green racing ones, and I think the extra spring they gave to my stride more than compensated for the weight. My legs did feel heavy, perhaps indicating that I had run too hard yesterday lunchtime. What am I saying? "Perhaps"? For sure, a hard training session the day before a race is a bad idea, but I do what I can, when I can, and I couldn't find anyone to run with yesterday. Perhaps I didn't ask widely enough, because I passed Liz running the other way, but if I'd run at her habitual pace yesterday I wouldn't even have been able to complete 5K today.

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