09 January 2008

January Song

I had another posting ready, which not only followed precedent by adopting a song title but quoted the song too - but when I reread it, it was too much of a downer, even by Alan Hull's standards: so I'll keep the title, and point readers to the lyrics. The rant about public transport that it also contained is probably better forgotten, too.

A terrible Bridges Race yesterday, for me at least. It was cold, there was a stiff breeze in our faces on the first section (mysteriously lacking at our backs on the return) and I forgot to use, or carry, my inhaler. My breathing was merely laboured for the race, but after a few minutes hanging around at the finish before setting off to jog back to the office I simply couldn't breathe at all, and had to walk all the way - which I found hard enough. But Ventolin put it right in no time, and in future I'll remember that, at least in cold weather, it's crucial. As if I didn't know that already! (I also wonder whether fuelling up on Red Bull is a good idea - I think the can carries a warning to asthma sufferers.)

17 minutes something, so it could have been worse, and my handicap has been slashed for next month. That's something to look forward to!

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