09 December 2007

Red Shoes - will the angels want to wear them?

Yesterday I had a trip to see a pedorthist, Colin Martin, of Solutions4Feet in Bicester. My running shoes were past their "replace by" date, and I'd resisted buying new ones before having a proper, professional, review of my needs.

Colin filmed me running on a treadmill, barefoot to start with and then with the recommended shoes and inserts, and the difference was striking. So too was what was revealed about my running action, as I don't usually get to see myself from behind. It was highly instructive, and I now have a large set of exercises to do to strengthen the weak elements (so will have to get up earlier in the morning to fit them in). I also have a nice pair of red Mizuno Wave Rider shoes, which don't quite go with my shorts. IDK should be a thing of the past, and if Elvis is right I might have found an antidote to getting old.

Now I am looking forward to trying out the new shoes, which I didn't get today - between mucking out stables, trying to make reluctant DVD recorders work and changing car wheels. Next weekend it will be a new radiator to fit, as I struggled back from Bicester in convoy with an RAC patrol van, the patrol man topping up my car every so often to get me home.

Tomorrow is the first working day of the new season's railway timetable. Expect the worst.

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