03 December 2007

Last Friday

Entering Hyde Park yesterday (29 November) on my run (the first time in many weeks) to the office, John H happened to be passing, heading west. I joined him to add a mile or so to my run. Being able to take the chance to join in with a friend, indeed to encounter someone you know like that, is - to me - one of the great joys of running.
We were a hundred yards or so behind a very shapely female runner, who stopped to stretch at the point where I was going to head down to the Serpentine (John runs complete laps of the parks in the morning before work, as he told me once before when I met him in similar circumstances, which is how I hope to be conducting myself in my seventies too). "She's waiting for you!" he told me. But she'd set off running again before we reached the turn, and pulled away steadily. My backpack was fairly full ...
Friday was the last of the month, the date of the epoymous 5K in Hyde Park. This month, on account of the installation of an ice-rink, observation wheel and other facilities deemed essential to the enjoyment of Christmas and the maximisation of profits therefrom (bah, humbug!) the course was slightly different. The start was moved, and at the finish instead of turning right after the killer climb up from the Dell onto the nice, wide, level Serpentine Road we crossed it and climbed some more to the finish. I don't know how muc it added to my time, but the results showed I finished in 21.23 so I know exactly how much I'd like to think it added!

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