12 December 2007

Bridges race

As so often happens, I have no idea at the moment how I did because I forgot to set my watch, but I had a highly satisfying race this lunchtime.  The great thing with a handicap is that the field closes up as the race progresses, while in most races it spreads out, so when you reach the final straight there are more prospective targets in sight to pass.  Having said which, I didn't have much of a sprint in me after I'd negotiated the 450 degrees of turn at the end of Lambeth Bridge, and Terry, who set off shortly before me and who I'd reeled in along the Millbank stretch, came past me again.  Initially I let him go, then found I was passing Andrew, his colleague Patricia, Julia, John and others, and Terry was getting closer so I ran him down right on the finish line.  Nothing personal, of course.  Andrew was kind enough to say that he'd never seen me looking so knackered at the end of a race.
Satisfying as all that was, Tom put it in context for me by loping past me on the home straight, taking immense strides and looking as if he was just out for a stroll along the river.  Twenty years, I tell myself - indeed, 20 years and six months.  Speaking of age differences, I often find myself in about the same part of races (this one and the Last Friday) as Alan, who features in the results as an M60 and often seems to be passing me and disappearing into the distance: in this race I was pleased to catch and pass him along Millbank - he set off 11 seconds ahead of me. 
After the race I discovered, fairly predictably (otherwise I wouldn't have asked the question!), that Julia is a Stackridge fan and was interested to learn of the 100 Club gig on 1 February.  Must get tickets, otherwise I'll have encouraged so many others to buy them that I'll miss out.  Well, perhaps not ...

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