04 November 2007

Marlow half marathon

I didn't think there could be a worse half-marathon course for hills than Henley, but in fact there is at least one and only a few miles away ... But Marlow doesn't have one long hill at eight miles, it starts with a hill, followed by a breakneck descent and another hill and descent, and perhaps a few more too, then you get to eight miles and just like Henley that's where the serious one is.

Struggling up it, I was delighted to find myself in the company of the same young lady who had encouraged me to keep going at Henley, this time running with half her family and several friends (all, she thought, behind her). So she helped me along again, although once past 11 miles the course is (as a family group at the side of the route chanted for our benefit) "all downhill!" and I left her a little behind. When I heard them chanting I was amazed that they should have been so well-acquainted with my life story, but when I pointed out how apposite the slogan was the (presumably) mother of the group was kind enough to demur. That sort of thing can mean a great deal.

An unspectacular 1:50:58 and 415th place out of 1300, but at least I made it - the old IDK did make me wonder whether I'd be stopping for good at a drinks station. And I don't feel bad for it, though that was just as well as I followed it up with a skiing lesson this afternoon, which was more hilarious than arduous. Skiing might help sort out my knee - it should certainly strengthen it - but I have some doubts about running more than perhaps 10K in future. I'd be hugely disappointed if I couldn't run another Marathon when there are so many great ones to be run!

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rach_e said...

I've just looked at the results and it seems the leading ladies were all around 5 minutes down on what they're capable of. So a good performance on what looks like a tough course. Next time do the Oxford Mail league instead ;-) Sounds like a horrid week to be a Didcot commuter last week.