14 November 2007

Burning Bridges

The second Wednesday of the month, so after a morning's work I popped out to run the Bridges Race - which I discovered yesterday even has a Wikipedia entry devoted to it, though it's not a very extensive one yet. Only me from the firm this month, though there was a big entry (by the standards of this event - 32 in the results, including several new faces among whom was Rachael. A cold day, breezy and without sunshine, but not raining and few pedestrians about to get in the way. I managed a respectable 15:43, though it's still well off my first and fastest run in this event - 55 seconds off, in fact, though over 2.3 miles at 2 seconds per mile per pound my excess weight compared with what it was on that day almost completely accounts for the difference (and age no doubt accounts for the rest!).

The notion came to me today that running is not all, but certainly a very large part, of what keeps me going. Not what I live for, but something pretty big. I'm not getting up to run in the dark before leaving for work, nor am I covering tens of miles every weekend, but I certainly feel at my most fulfilled when I am taking part in a race like today's, or even just training, and the regular fixtures in my diary - the Bridges and the Last Friday - are keenly anticipated. Up to a point, this must be good: but how, as I have wondered before, can I transfer my enthusiasm and commitment to this activity to the more mundane but more crucial domain of work?

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