19 October 2007

Last Friday of the Month: A Progress Report

The discovery of a comment posted on this blog has galvanised me, and I realise I haven't been keeping it up to date. Actually, you don't feel quite the same enthusiasm for keeping it up to date if there's no evidence of anyone reading it (except Grace!), but now I know there's a possibility that Rach_E is reading too I should get on with it.

I did in fact blog the Henley Half Marathon, but the firewall on my office computer didn't like it so when I pressed the "publish" button all I got was a screen telling me access was forbidden and away went my carefully-crafted account of the race. It would have been a classic, too, let me assure you. I hope there's a server in the sky somewhere where lost masterpieces like that go, and one day they will be retrievable.

I'll get back to Henley later. First - and I can do this for my own satisfaction, to remind me of recent achievements - there are a couple of Last Fridays to report. In August, following my 22:26 the previous month (when I was feeling, as I noted, out of sorts - an expression that I am turning to as the most apt one to describe my state of mind most days at the moment) I was particularly keen to see what effect the new lime green racing shoes might have. Between them and a can of Red Bull, and my eager anticipation, I found a minute and 26 seconds, tantalisingly failing to break 21 minutes - but I needed something for next month, didn't I? And in September, awaited more eagerly yet, I shaved another 7 seconds off that. Still 13 seconds off my first LFOTM time, but that was 2006 and as my left knee tells me I am getting no younger.

Best of all, after September - my sixth in this year's series - I have a proper place in the series results, which are based on the best six age-adjusted times for the year: better still, I am 17 th, and have three more months in which to better some of the more feeble times from the early part of the year.

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rach_e said...

Yes, I am reading it and I was there spectating at the LFOTM in September. Sub-21 is just round the corner!