08 August 2007

July Bridges race

The Bridges Race posed a novel problem this month, as I realised
half-way to London that my running shoes were still in the hall at
home. No chance of simply passing on it, as I had persuaded Tim and Tom
from the office to join me for the event (their first time), but as it
happened my running shoes are a year old and beginning to show signs of
distress on the soles. Six months is supposed to be their life
expectancy: the material of the sole starts to break down or loses its
springiness or something.

Run & Become take an annual holiday in August, but a look at their web
site revealed that it's not until next week, so I was there at just
after nine being fitted for a pair of real racing shoes - the economical
answer, as it happened: I'd thought of buying a pair of Nike Mayflies
(good for only 100K, and priced accordingly at £25), but the assistant
directed me to a pair of more substantial shoes on offer at the same
price, and after trying on three pairs at half-size increments I came
away delighted to be the owner of a serious pair of racing shoes, albeit
in a rather alarming shade of lime green and with what seemed to be
glittery laces (I think the ultralight laces have titanium threads in
them: at least, that sounds good). And they worked, taking over a
minute off last months feeble time (which of course had been calculated
to get me a good handicap for this month). Of those who didn't start
off scratch - the first-timers like Tim and Tom - I finished second,
passing five or six others along the way, all thanks to the magic
lime-green shoes. Next month will be hard, though, with a minute added
to the handicap: and I still don't know what happened to the 50 seconds
I cannot make up from 14 or 15 months ago. Surely I'm not aging that

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