04 July 2007

Abdul and Cleopatra

I haven't made time to run since Friday's 5K race, and today there was a lack of running partners in the office so I joined the HMRC group who run regularly on Wednesdays, from Cleopatra's Needle up to Lambeth Bridge, then to London Bridge and back to the obelisk: 5.2 miles, according to Terry, who convenes the group. I met them shortly after they had started, so I ran a little less than that distance in about 36 minutes. For the duration of the run the weather was warm, not too bright, and with just a bit of headwind to make it hard work at times (and on other stretches to carry you along at a cracking pace). Terry, with whom I ran most of the way, reckoned it was a good pace overall: I still want more - perhaps I am turning (back) into a Warrior!

After a somewhat frustrating morning in the office - the aftermath of the office move, which resulted in among other snags the power pack for my laptop not being plugged in and an umbrella having to be searched for - it was good to get out in the open air, and I've resolved to do so more regularly. I need this weekly Wednesday run to measure my improvement.

As for the title of this posting, I have co-opted the only song title that springs to mind that has any connection with the subject matter, but at least that means I have the pleasurable experience of finding a collection of old Jonathan Richman/Modern Lovers songs going through my head. "The Morning of our Lives" - there's one to conjure with. I guess that when I last heard it was in the morning of my life ... and I think the B-side when that was released as a single: "Roadrunner". Remember that one, I'll want to use it some time!

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