16 June 2007

Warrior, Purist or Exerciser?

Runner's World put this quiz on their web site, and after doing it myself (and being categorised as a Purist) I forwarded it to several running mates. Only two have reported their results:

  • "Apparently I'm a warrior who thrives on the competitive element. There must be some mistake..."
  • "As an Exerciser I apparently should learn from purists to love running for running's sake...."
No, no names, I think. I have of course had to revise my impression of respondent 1 completely. And as a Purist I have assured 2 that I am doing my best to help.

There's another category listed in the results section, the Socialiser, but we don't know any - not yet, anyway. Perhaps I need to go out to all 30 members of the firm's running team to find out how they rate.

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