29 June 2007

Stackridge at Huntingdon Hall

One thing Shane claims to be grateful for (even if the builders drank his wine) is that he doesn't have to listen to my mobile phone playing Slark, my preferred ring tone. (Little does he know that my phone has somehow programmed itself to play Slark at about 6.15 every evening, and I can't find out how to stop it.) But just in case he learns to miss the constant references to Stackridge - and for that matter in case Nancy feels the urge to research further - here's a link to sound files of their entire Worcester concert from a couple of weeks ago. I suppose I should point them in particular to Fish In A Glass, which actually features twice (the second time as an encore: it seems that the encore had to be chosen from the repertoire already performed, presumably because that was the full extent of the choice).


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