13 June 2007

Minor incident

That's what we were told in the office yesterday afternoon. In fact, it was anything but minor. For a while we could only leave the building through the side door, and even then we weren't allowed back in: the police had stretched tape around the exit and, although it looked perfectly ordinary, it seems that it permitted you to pass through it only in one direction. That probably accounts for reports that one of our partners had been involved in an altercation with the police outside the building, no doubt after slipping out for a cigarette, though it was slightly diappointing to learn that there was another reason for the front of the building being sealed off.

In fact it was the whole street that was sealed off, and several other streets in the neighbourhood too: and the problem was not with our office, but with our old office (part of which we do still use, but only for archives and the like). The story is better told by the BBC at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/6746017.stm.

When I left yesterday a small but noticeable crowd was lined up along the tape across the road, watching intently though there was absolutely nothing to see. This morning it's back to something like normal, though Tothill Street is still closed and there is a giant crane in the middle of it. A friend is excluded from his office across the road the wrong side of the police tape, so I hope for his sake the disruption is fairly short-lived - though I have a feeling that will be optimistic.

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