29 June 2007

Last Friday results

It's quite an achievement, and they have the results of this lunchtime's race on the web already. I managed 22:26, rather better than I expected. Francis did 19:33, which is I think rather slower than his time in last year's Great City Race but nevertheless very impressive. He came in 37th, I was 95th, Andrew and Robbie came in 114 and 115 (23:31, 23:49), and Vanessa was just behind them in 118th (24:06). I'll now have to look at the Great City Race results from last year to see how they compare. (Vanessa's just 14 seconds off that time: Francis is 35 seconds slower. I have lost 1 minute 43 somewhere.)

I did 22:01 in April, though, so perhaps not so much to rejoice about - although, in mitigation, I did feel pretty ropey today.

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rach_e said...

Well done at LFOTM! I didn't enjoy the course this month at all so to finish in such a creditable time is a real bonus!