29 June 2007

Last Friday of the Month

Another Last Friday of the Month, and another 5K race in Hyde Park - this time with the difference that some colleagues, and a client, did it too. I organised the entries, sent off the completed forms (each signed, it is important to note, by the entrant) and received the numbers which I filed away to await today. Then my organisational skills were exhausted.

No, I didn't lose the numbers, that would be too obvious. But when I doled them out in the changing room, having met at 1200 with a view to jogging up to Hyde Park for 1230, I found I had a spare - and it had Vanessa's name on it. It only came back to me gradually, over the next fifteen minutes, including a mental picture of an entry form with her signature on it. Undaunted, she turned out at minimal notice, but denying all knowledge of filling in the form and almost accusing me of entering her for a race without telling her - again.

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