17 June 2007

Getting better ...

Finally dragged myself (and Boston) out for a Sunday morning run. Beautiful weather, a slight breeze to temper the heat from the sunshine, and wet underfoot in places from overnight rain. Too many interesting smells to distract Boston, and any way he must be more out of condition than I am: lots of stopping for him to catch up and incidentally for me to take a breather. He even goes back to the subway under teh A34 where somemeone has discarded their rubbish which once contained something edible, and to Boston probably still does, so I climb that killer hill up from the subway and then have to go back to separate him from whatever it was he thought was interesting.
I realised when I reached the end, over an hour later (it was very slow) that I have been through all four types of runner in that period. I started as a Socialiser, but that soon expired when Boston didn't keep to my average pace, so I switched to Exerciser mode. I think that got me to the Ridgeway, at the top of the climb from the subway (the second time). I certainly wasn't in the mood to socialise with the dog by the time I'd repeated that climb - but I think it put me into Purist mode, and by the time I was descending towards Upper Farm I was a Warrior, striding down the long straight smooth road towards the school, arms swinging, even trying a spot of fartlek using the telegraph poles as markers and finally pushing furiously over the footbridge.
I put my mobile phone into exercise mode and set it going before I left, and it measured the distance as 7.1 miles which as I recall is pretty accurate. All it has to go on is my height, which probably got a bit distorted in the course of being metricated. But I was rather taken aback when it started trying to talk to me about my speed. Not sure that it's a feature I really want, or need.

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