20 June 2007

Early Morning Onwards

20 June, and at 0645 it's bright and sunny with a fairly fresh breeze rustling the leaves on the trees by the village bus stop. A perfect morning for a cycle ride, but I left my bike at the station yesterday evening. Heavy rain has been forecast all week, but it has missed me, although thunderstorms at home were the main reason for opting for a lift home yesterday.
The countryside looks at its best in this weather. On Sunday, running up on the Ridgeway, I looked across endless green fields uninterrupted even by the A34, hidden partly by a fold in the Downs and partly in its cutting. No sign of human habitation in that direction (east) either, though turn to face west and you're faced with the six cooling towers of Didcot power station and the "science city" that is Harwell.

I thought a mobile phone that included a pedometer and stopwatch a useless gimmick until I tried it. Yesterday we measured our run round the two Parks, and after I worked out how to stop the recording I was able to send the data to Vanessa by SMS. Is that in fact useful? Ask her. The distance seemed pretty accurate, given that it merely counts steps and multiplies by an estimated stride length (and my stride length can vary a lot on a run I'm sure).

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