16 April 2007

It seems a long time since my last posting, during which time I have failed to start another half-Marathon (White Horse) and finally managed to get to see the latest incarnation of Stackridge, of which more anon perhaps. For the time being, though, let's stick to today, because the IDK seems finally to be getting better.

I ran this lunchtime, alone, except that up the hill to Green Park tube station I tried (successfully) to match the pace of a young guy who passed me as we turned off the Mall. But at the top, while he turned off to the left and disappeared off along the north side of the park, I had to stop and have a short walk. I did get going again, pretty successfully, but not at his pace. Still, my own pace will do for me, and with luck (and if I can follow the training schedule I downloaded this morning) it will get much better.

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