11 March 2007

Stanford Celebration Weekend

To Cambridge for the launch of the Stanford Society, which the (nameless) charity of which I am a trustee is helping, to an extent to which I have singularly failed to commit, to finance. But I have discussed paying for a song recital, and on the assumption that the trust will be meeting Stephen Varcoe’s fee I go along to hear it.

What I failed to take fully into account is that Cambridge is not a short distance down the road, as Oxford is: it’s a 100-mile cross-country journey that takes well over the two hours that I had originally set aside for it, twenty minutes of which I proceeded to lose by leaving later than planned. So I arrive after the lecture preceding the recital has begun: I hear the recital (concluding, reluctantly, that I’m never going to be a great fan of Stanford’s songs, though some of his pupils’ songs appeal) and head home again.

I rather wish I had been able to stay to hear the orchestral concert in the evening, and to attend evensong at King's College Chapel (church music being Stanford's greatest claim to fame). At least there will be more Stanford events to look forward to in future years - and next year's probably won't focus quite so much on the songs.

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