06 February 2007

The Clear White Light

In Green Park the daffodils are in bloom, despite yesterday's cold which continued today. Spring might not quite be here yet - I wore hat, gloves and long-sleeved top to run this lunchtime - but it can't be far round the corner.
Using a knee support, I did the two parks with no discomfort (and in 22:25, which is not hanging around). I caused the damage to my knee a week earlier, with my exuberant trip to the diplomatic quarter, so today I had to keep myself reined in. I don't seem to be able to find a friend to run with (and to keep me under control) at present: perhaps when spring truly arrives they'll reappear.
I spent the morning kicking myself after leaving a file of papers on the Circle Line, condemned forever to circumnavigate central London. It included a draft article with two hours'-worth of marking up on the transcript, and irreplaceable notes about the Gowers Review from which I was working. Lesley says it might appear in lost property, which I suppose is true, but the probability is surely small.
The afternoon degenerates when Bruce raises the subject of Kind Of Blue, and Shane (who doesn't know it) finds it at no 12 in Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums. Naturally, a lengthy debate ensues and finishes up with the three of us drawing up our own top tens. I include Kind Of Blue, along with Atom Heart Mother, Nicely Out Of Tune, Liege and Lief, House on the Hill, Underwater Moonlight, Joy of a Toy, Blood on the Tracks, Stackridge and something else, which just goes to show what a bad list it was. I told Bruce I'd want to revise it withi a couple of minutes. His list contains ten albums I haven't heard.

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