29 January 2007

Round by Russia

All my running mates having deserted me, I went for a solo run at lunchtime. I wanted to extend the distance, and planned to take in all four parks, and at Kensington Palace I diverted from the route I normally take (not that I have run here for some time: the last time may have been with Rose, who left the firm in August) to explore Kensington Green and Kensington Palace Gardens. I think this means that I have completed the Serpentine RC's official 7.2 mile route.
Anyway, I have always intended to visit this diplomatic enclave, and I enjoyed noting the embassies and ambassadorial residences as I passed: Romania, The Phillipines, Slovakia, and of course Russia on the corner with Bayswater Road where I turn to head back to the office.
It took some 55 minutes, and I'll have to improve on that, but it also caused my left knee injury to flare up again. I thought I had got over it - but it must simply have been that I'd rested it so much that the symptoms had gone and a long run has put me back to square one.

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