12 January 2007


I'm ploughing my way through the Gowers report on Intellectual Property during my train journeys. It's not a difficult read, but it is profoundly irritating because it does not reach the standards of grammar one would expect from an official publication, let alone one bearing the name of a former editor of the country's best newspaper. I have marked several misplaced commas, some spelling mistakes (missing letters, so more like typesetting errors really), incorrect prepositions ("associated to") and so on. Am I alone in noticing this about the report?
I'm presently in the section about copyright term, about half-way through the report, where for the first time I have encountered an extended discussion of the issues. A graph illustrates how sales of fiction peak at around five weeks then tail off to nothing by the end of the first year. Across the carriage, there's a passenger reading August 1914 and next to him another reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

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