06 November 2006

Monday morning: winter

Thick fog, low temperatures (though the forecast suggests it will be unseasonably warm later), delays to the trains - winter is here.
My mobile e-mail has been restored, and having my Psion back gives me something else to write about too. My neighbour on the train started cursing his laptop as soon as we pullled out of Didcot) and for all I know he had been cursing it from wherever this train started - Cheltenham, I think. He suggested that computers were the worst invention ever, and I vounteered that the computer is probably fine but what Microsoft have created to run on it is rubbish. Having a Psion gives you that feeling of superiority - how much better if I could work out how to use Linux on my laptop. I even tried over the weekend, with little success, to find a beginners' course. They are all too expensive for me. My Dummies book won't do it for me, though.
I am not going to run for a few days in the hope that my knees become a little more flexible. I have to marshal on Wednesday lunchtime anyway, and already I have not run since last Thursday. I have a visit to the chiropractor on Wednesday evening, so running will be off the agenda on Thursday too.
I have a much wittier excuse for not running, though. Last week, Vanessa sought to alleviate the boredom induced by a second circuit of Green Park by reciting London bus routes. I need some study time before I run with her again so I can keep up with the small talk.

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