25 November 2006

Last Friday of the Month

I still can't get this right. First, I left my watch on my desk when I rushed to get changed. Without it, my pace could be all over the place: with it, I'm still pretty erratic, but at least if I have run a kilometre in well under four minutes I want to know about my mistake.
So I had no idea how fast I covered any of the marked kilometres round the Serpentine, though I am fairly sure they varied wildly. Nor do I know what my time was, but the race started at 1230, and after finishing and getting over the feeling that I was about to die, or at least throw up over a large part of Hyde Park, and then chatting to a visitor from Washington DC, then jogging to the gate behind Apsley House, I noticed that the time on the clock at the gate house was five to one. And when the results were published my time turned out to be 21:24. Unfortunately, I misread it at first and thought that I had improved - now I find that I am a minute slower than I thought at first, so some serious training is called for.
If next time I allow a little more time to get to the start, and don't have to get to Hyde Park from the office at 5K pace, I'll be close to 20 minutes.

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